Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Eternal Question...

What do I get my husband for Christmas?! I already bought him one gift, but he knows what it is -he picked it out. So I'm stumped. He just had his birthday in October and he got a lot of what he wanted. Then he used his birthday money to buy some books and DVDs. To top it off, he doesn't have the typical "guy" hobbies. He's not into hunting or fishing or sports (the Big 3). He does like video games, but he said he doesn't want any right now. He also does not want any clothes. So, again, I'm stumped.

Anybody have any creative husband Christmas gift ideas? What did you do when you were a newlywed and found yourself in this position?

This sounds so petty compared to what this season is really about. And I know he could care less what I get him, but I just want him to feel special on Christmas morning. So any help is greatly appreciated. And tell me if you've been there too - there's consolation in numbers.

Happy Shopping!


Kelley Cox said...

Kelly!! I am in the same boat every year with my Don. He is so hard to buy for. Have you ever tried making a photo book? You can make it on photoworks, snapfish, shutterfly, etc...they are a little time consuming by easy and from the heart. I made one for my Don for our anniversary and he loved it. You are super creative so you have probably already done one of these before, but just in case...Good Luck!!

Kendal said...


I'm so glad to hear from you guys. I hope all is well in Houston and you are adjusting well. What about some accesories for Don's camera or a gift certificate to someplace or an activity only found in Houston?
Just a thought--Kendal