Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lightening McQueen, Toddlers, and Cake

Oh yes ma'am Little Trey's 2nd Birthday party was a PARTAY!  What could be better than 100 degrees, 100% humidity, HEB Cars Cupcakes, and birthday boy?  Nothing.  We had a blast at the Hearn's celebrating Trey's big day.  It was such a big day that Trey had 2 cakes.

Trey is actually John III which is where Trey comes into play.  His grandmother's housekeeper could not remember how to spell Trey so she went with John.  What a cute cake and a lucky boy!

The highlight of the afternoon for the kiddos was the pinata.  A Lightening McQueen pinata!  Here's sweet Aubry giving it her best.  And Everett trying to out do Aubrey.  Precious!

This was one of the funniest moments of the day.  Everytime a child would swing all the adults would scatter, scared they might get hit instead.  But the kids really enjoyed it.  But no one was able to actually break the pinata, so John (Trey's dad) took care of that and Cars bouncy balls went everywhere.  What a prize!

Soon it was naptime and most everyone left to put the little ones down for a well-deserved rest.  So we hung around and watched Trey open his gifts.  As you can see, Mom, was very excited about his first gift.  A handmade crayon tote from Erin. I absolutely loved it and freaked out with Mom.  I want to be a Crafty Diva like Erin.  She is my inspiration.

Then Trey opened our gifts.  Let me just tell you, D and I had such a great time shopping for his gift.  D is like a kid in a candy store when we go to Toys R Us or any toy store.  He runs straight for the GI Joe, XMen, Star Wars dolls action figures.  It is a priceless sight, I cannot wait until we have some little ones for him to play with.  Do any of your husbands freak out over toys?  Anyway, we bought Trey this awesome Cars board book with a sound board (yes we are those people who buy the noisy gifts).  I think he liked it, what do you think?

But the finale was the Cars Bowling Set.  Yes, score! He loved it, but he didn't quite understand the bowling concept.  Instead of rolling the ball he chunked it.  Well, whatever works.  I just love to see babies happy.

After Trey had his nap, the Hearn's extended family came over to celebrate the day.  We ended the festivities with an awesome family pic.  What a sweet family!

Happy Birthday Trey!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Update

I don’t have anything exciting to write about and no pictures, but it was a great weekend! 

Saturday started early, as D and I (mostly D) prepared breakfast for my friend’s Erin and Laura.  The menu consisted of D’s amazing Migas and yummy orange cinnamon rolls with a side of HEB  San Antonio Blend coffee.  Delicious!  The girls arrived around 9 and were greeted by a very enthusiastic Daisy and Bruiser.  Poor babies, they went crazy!  We have not had anyone over to our home in the 9 months we’ve been in Houston, so they went berserk.  After the dogs were wrangled outside, we all sat down and stuffed ourselves.  Have I mentioned I have an amazing husband who woke up at 7 am on a Saturday to cook my friends and I breakfast.  After we were filled to the gills we headed out for some shopping.  Erin knows all the great places to find a deal so we headed to Marshall’s/Home Goods in the River Oaks area of Houston.  I believe angels began singing when we walked through the door.  Ya’ll there was so much wonderful home décor.  I was in Heaven and have found my new Christmas shopping headquarters.  Next, we stopped at TJ Maxx (yes, we are fashionistas and proud of it – so are our husbands).  I found a cute bathing suit for $20.  Let me say that again, bathing suit. $20.  It was just as cute and well made as my incredibly expensive Dillard’s purchase.  That made my day.  Finally, we ended our journey at The Guild Shop.  Ya’ll, if you are crafty and talented like Erin, or the Nester, or Pink and Polka Dot, or Centsational, or Thrifty Décor Chick and you live in Houston, make your way to the Guild Shop.  So many incredible finds that I know you crafty types can make beautiful.  Let me know if you’ve found something there and transformed it.

As we shopped our hubbies and the kids hung out at Laura’s house.  Laura hung out with them for a while that afternoon and what an experience.  There were 3 boys under the age of 2 and a sweet baby girl under 12 months.  It was blissful pandemonium.  I cannot tell if the hubbies enjoyed the play more than the kids.  But when D and I got home I crashed.  I know now without a doubt I do not want more than 2 children.  Those of you with 3+ kids, I commend you. 

Later that evening we headed over to the Kiser’s Baby Shower.  It was so much fun!  We were there are hours and it felt like minutes.   We enjoy our friends so much  that time spent with them flies by.  Becky received so many cute gifts.  I loved the little Stardust Shoes Erin made for baby Karis.  Adorable!  Several of Becky’s gifts were homemade and awesome!  She received a beautiful hooded towel and some sweet burp clothes.  When I discovered that my friends made those I was hooked.  Which led to my first Christmas gift request – a sewing machine.  D was thrilled.  I know nothing about sewing machines so any suggestions on brand, type, etc would be appreciated.  Anyway, all the time around babies this weekend is having quite an effect on me.  Baby Fever would be an understatement.

On Sunday, we went to church and Sunday School.  Then headed to Pie in the Sky for lunch.  Amazing Mississippi Mud Pie!  If you live in Houston, I highly recommend the place.  Then, my amazing husband accompanied me on another shopping excursion as I braved the mall in search of lake shorts and tee shirts.  3 ½ hours later we emerged – Mission Accomplished!   I just cannot say enough about my sweet husband.  He really did not want to go to the mall.  He would have been content to just veg on the couch and enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon.  But he put me before himself and came.  I was afraid to go to the mall by myself because there had been a shooting there recently.  I know it was pretty silly, but I had to get these clothes and Sunday was the only day.  He rocks!

We ended the weekend by watching Jonah A Veggie Tale’s Movie.  We are not ashamed.  It was so good and, of course, cute.  I highly recommend this movie – great story with a wonderful theme (compassion and mercy), a lesson we could all learn, especially me.

That’s it, a typical GrumpyPants weekend.  How was your weekend?  Find any good deals, clean out your closet, take the kids to the park?  I’d like to know.

Now I am off to think of a way to show my hubby how much I appreciate him.  Any ideas?

Have a great Monday ya’ll!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to….Elizabeth!

The last few weeks have been so fun for D and I.  We do not have little ones yet, but we get to enjoy our friends kids and love it!  In the last few weeks we have attended 3 baby birthdays.  I was not able to attend sweet Everett’s First Birthday – but I hear it was a blast.  Lot’s of little monkey’s playing till they dropped.  But I was able to attend Elizabeth Grace’s First Birthday and lucky for me, the Hubs was asked to be the Party Pics guy.  He had a blast.  Here is our pictorial documentary of this fun event. 

  Starting with the details…can you tell this was a little girl’s party?  Lots o’ pink.  Here are the delicious cupcakes.  Several of the Mom’s in the class got together to help Elizabeth’s Mom, Sarah, bake and decorate these.  So awesome!232323232fp9;2_nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=3367_37764335nu0mrj Of course there had to be pink lemonade.232323232fp_96_nu=3367___3_9;9_2458__3___244ot1lsi

Here are some shots of Elizabeth’s grandparent’s sweet backyard.  Yes, this is a backyard.  Isn’t it awesome!?


Here’s the Tator Tot Gang.  These little one’s will soon be keeping up with our class toddlers, but for today, they were content to just chill by the pool. 


Could life get any better?


Here’s some shots of the kids enjoying the several baby pools set up all over the rest of this enormous yard.  I was so jealous of that backyard.  It was like having your own private park.



Pure baby joy!


Who do you think is having more fun, the kids or the Dad’s?  Hmmmm?

232323232fp9_2_nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=3367_2__62335nu0mrjHere’s the Birthday Girl chillin in the big pool.   232323232fp_83_nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=3367_3434_335nu0mrj

This is precious Jemma, a model in the making.  As soon as the hubs put the camera on her, she started posing.  I’m not lying, it was hilarious!


But, if you were that beautiful, wouldn’t you be all smiles?


Here’s the newest addition to our class(at the time, Kellen just beat him last week), Little Man Jake.  He’s content to just stay with Mom, thank you very much.


Here are some examples of the awesome parents in our class.  D and I are learning so much. 

Here’s Tif and her little men.  Dad had to work that morning, so Tif bravely came by herself with these two.  But she knew we would all help her keep an eye on them.  Another reason why we love our class.


Perfection! 232323232fp9_;_nu=3367___3_989_2458__3_7_244ot1lsi

Can you tell Aubrey loves her Daddy….sweetness.


And the grand finale of the afternoon…the birthday girl enjoying her cupcake.

232323232fp9_7_nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=3367_25938335nu0mrj232323232fp9_6_nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=33679;9_;4335nu0mrj232323232fp_93_nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=33679;9_5_335nu0mrj232323232fp996_nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=33679;9_9_335nu0mrj232323232fp_97_nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=33679;9_52335nu0mrj 232323232fp997_nu=3367_958__;5_2458958;_6244ot1lsi 232323232fp_94_nu=3367___3_8_5_2458__39;6244ot1lsi232323232fp_79_nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=33679;8236335nu0mrj  Cupcake Happiness!

Thank you to all the parents who let us enjoy their children, they just made our day.

Next post is Big Man Trey’s 2nd Birthday.  Get ready for some Cars (Mator and Lightening McQueen may have made an appearance). 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Patience is a Virtue

I have been on a dangerous and legendary journey known as Getting A Texas Drivers License.  Ya'll, what. a. hassle.  This all began 1 month ago when the hubs got pulled over for speeding.  We were informed by the lovely officer that it is Texas law that when you move here you have 30 days to get your cars all registered, inspected and get a TX license.  30 DAYS!?  I guess since we don't pay state taxes they have to get it from somewhere else. 

So there is where the journey began.  The Hubs has been awesome!  He got both cars inspected and then went through the arduous (and expensive) process of getting the cars registered.  So all that was left was for me to get my license (he got his last week).  Yesterday, I took off the morning from work to do this.  I had my social security card, my registration, my insurance.  What else would you need?

I pulled up to my neighborhood DMV bright and early at 8 am.  To my complete dismay I found a line of people wrapped around the building.  This building was so old and so small that we couldn't all fit in.  So we were forced to stand out in the blazing hot Texas sun for over an hour.  Ya'll it was 96 degrees and 90% humidity - it's dangerous to stand out in the direct sunlight in that weather for a long time, doesn't the Texas DMV know that they are located in TEXAS?  And there was no breeze. 

After I'd been in line for about 5 minutes, a DMV employee came out and started helping the first 5 people outside.  Then she decided it was too hot and went back inside.  So helpful.  One hot, sticky, sweaty hour later I made it inside.  I was drenched front head to foot in sweat.  My clothes were soaked through (yuck!), my hair a disaster, and my makeup was running everywhere.  The "helpful" DMV lady from earlier comes up to me to ask what I was in line for today.  I told her and she asked me for my birth certificate (why in the world would you need a birth certificate to transfer a drivers license?  why I ask you?!).  I told her I did not have one, but that my husband had received his license from that DMV last week without a birth certificate.  She said I had to have one.  Then I got a bit snippy and told her, "You know, this would have been helpful  information to have about an hour ago when I was melting in the sun outside.  I guess it was just too hot for you to do your job." 

Yeah, not Christian-like at all.  I said that, then turned and stormed out to my car.  I was a wreck.  I got in my car, started crying (because I knew I'd have to take the rest of the day off work to get this done, plus I was just hot ya'll - MISERABLE), and sped straight home for a shower. 

After I'd cleaned up and composed myself, I gathered said Birth certificate plus my passport (for good measure) and headed out to another DMV.  Thank God it was modern, big, and had AC.  I had to wait in one line for 30 minutes just to get a number.  Then, was told to take a seat until my number was called.  I sat for 45-60 more minutes.  Then they told me to get in another line.  I stood there for 30 more minutes and finally made it to the counter. As I stood in line I found out that this DMV was the only one in all of Houston, TX that you did not have to wait outside in the heat, which is why all of Houston was there yesterday.  REALLY TEXAS, REALLY?!  I don't ever want to hear another Texan tell me how much better Texas is than Louisiana because I will win that argument everytime.  EVERYTIME!

Anyway, 5 hours after I started my epic journey I walked out of the DMV office with, not a license, oh no, not in TEXAS, that would be too easy.  No, I was given a print out of my license and told that they would mail it to me in 2 - 6 weeks.  Again, REALLY?!  I never had to wait outside at a Louisiana DMV, nor did I ever have to wait more than 2 hours, and I always left the DMV office with a new drivers license.  What a concept.  I am very disappointed Texas, very disappointed. 

Ok, I've gotten that off my chest and I feel better now.  I hope you are all forewarned.  And if you live in Houston and have to go to the DMV go to the one on Dacoma off of 290.  Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT go anywhere else - you will regret it.

Anyone else had any terrible DMV experiences?  Let's share.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

We are the proud parents of two adorable and wonderful dogs – Bruiser the 7 year old, 6 pound Maltese and Daisy the 2 year old, 75 pound yellow Lab.  D and I love these animals so much.  We’re not so into our dogs that we dress them up and humiliate them, but we do talk to them and do just about anything to make sure they are content. 

Well, as you fellow dog owners will attest, there are some not so pleasant aspects of being a dog parent. Obviously, the poop.  Yeah, not fun.  The “I ate too much too fast” barf.  Sooooo not fun.  And the dragging of the butt across the floor in front of your house guests.  Not cool. 

There are a few special things Daisy does particularly that are just unique to her and drive me crazy. 

Exhibit 1.  Shedding. Everywhere. Constantly.

IMG_1313r (3)If you have not figured it out…that’s a hairball on my floor!  And yes, we vacuumed just two days prior.  You should see my clothes people.  I am mistaken for a blonde Wookie on a regular basis.  The shedding, oh, the shedding!

Exhibit 2.  Tissue Eating.

So Daisy has this terrible habit of eating tissue.  In the morning when I put on my make up I use tissue to catch any loose powder.  Daisy stalks me and as soon as she thinks she has a chance she’ll stealthily (is that a word) but quickly grab the tissue, run as fast as she can into the front room (where she thinks we can’t see her), and eat the tissue.  Weird.  Well, a few days ago I walk into my bedroom and notice my tissue box on my bedside table.  Something was strange about it.  Can you guess?  IMG_1306r (3)

This was the culprit when confronted with her weirdness.

IMG_1312r (3)Tissue, Mom?  I don’t know anything about tissue…maybe Bruiser ate it.  Yeah it was Bruiser. Love me, I love you.

232323232fp5344__nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=32388268;6468nu0mrj What, are you blaming me again?  Don’t even think about it, Kid.  I mean really, I can barely reach Mom’s knees.

Yeah, they have a very Odie and Garfield relationship.  Except my Garfield is a dog. 

Do your pets do anything funny or weird?  Please say yes, because I really can’t afford a Pet Therapist (yes, that is a real occupation and idiots people actually spend thousands of dollars on this).

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baby Field Day 2010

Ok, I know what you are thinking, “What?  Baby Field Day?”  Yes.  It is apparently a tradition in our Sunday school class.  Since so many of us are having babies, the Hubs and I excluded, we through this event instead of a million separate baby showers. 

We all met up at Memorial Park’s Picnic Area and had a blast.  The weather was perfect.  It wasn’t humid yet and felt like an awesome Spring day.  We celebrated the birth of 4 sweet babies and played fun goofy games in the park.  There was the Baby Diaper/Stroller Relay, Toss the Baby (Egg), and Water balloon Volleyball. 

232323232fp_96_nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=3364_56949335nu0mrj 232323232fp998_nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=3364_56945335nu0mrj 232323232fp_8__nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=3364_58373335nu0mrj That’s me in the purple shirt.  Mr. Frog was our baby and we were supposed to put a diaper on him and get him in the stroller.  So that’s the ladies effort.  Here are the guys.


232323232fp99;_nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=3364_58385335nu0mrj There’s my man trying his hand at it.  I guess he did alright considering the guys won.  Can you believe it?

But I guess it makes sense, I mean, look at these awesome dads.

232323232fp_93_nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=3364_66_34335nu0mrj 232323232fp9_2_nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=3364_57;_4335nu0mrj 232323232fp_8__nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=3364_66_36335nu0mrj And here is our fearless hostess, Super Mom


It is so nice to be a part of a group of people who care so much about each other.  Our Sunday school class and small group have been the biggest blessing to us.  We love these people.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Big 3-1!

Yep, I turned 31 years old on May 20th.  Where did the time go?  I feel like I just graduated from college.  Seems like yesterday.

I had an awesome birthday. Well, the actual day I was traveling in New Mexico for work.  By the time I got back on the next day, I had a full blown sinus infection.  The worst one I’ve had in years. 

So on Saturday, I woke up at 6 am after a long night of coughing.  I had to move to the couch in the living room so I could stop coughing and sleep.  All day long, I slept.  My husband kept coming in and out of the kitchen.  At one point I asked what he was doing and he reminded me that we were going to our friends, the McGraw’s, for dinner.  Then I slipped back into my medicated coma.

Around 1pm I woke up and decided I should probably take a shower and get dressed, it’s the least I could do for the McGraw’s.  Around that time Hubs told me he had to run over to the McGraw’s to help Mr. McGraw move a heavy piece of furniture. Ok, whatever.  He came back and then we headed out.

The minute we walked through the door at the McGraw’s, Mrs. McGraw took me to the backyard to “visit.”  After a few minutes, I decided I wanted something to drink so I went back inside.

To my surprise, the Rabe’s from our Sunday school class were in the kitchen.  This confused me since the McGraw’s and the Rabe’s have never met.  As I was pondering this strangeness everyone yelled, “SURPRISE!”

My Hubs threw me a surprise birthday party.  Isn’t he the best!  He had to have it at the McGraw’s because we still have not unpacked yet since we know the lease situation is only temporary.  So, I’m sure he knew I would not want people over at our house tripping over boxes.  So the McGraw’s graciously opened their home – I have awesome friends.

Here’s my man and Mrs. McGraw hard at work putting together the incredible chicken kabobs:

232323232fp_96_nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=3364_7_7_2335nu0mrj 232323232fp_85_nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=3364_7;_35335nu0mrj

They were delicious!

Then Hubs shocked me again.  He made my birthday pie.  Pie, you ask?  Yes, amazingly sweet peach pie.  Perfect.  And not one but three,each one with my initial:  KFE!  Check it out.

There are the guys helping Hubs present his masterpiece and there I am making my birthday wish.  Really, could a girl ask for more?  It was a wonderful day spent with the best friends and an amazing husband.  Thank you Lord, I am blessed.