Friday, September 3, 2010

A Dog's Life

This post is long overdue. A lot has been going on this summer and I'll post updates in future posts. But I just had to let you know what Daisy and Bruiser did this summer.

Every year D's family has a big family reunion at his uncle and aunt's beautiful lake house. It's not like going camping people, this is nice. They live right on the lake and have all the toys for lake fun (ski boat, pontoon boat, 2 jet ski's, and a huge float that gets pulled behind the boat - more on that later). They also have a wonderful saline pool that is enclosed in a UV cover. I prefer the pool to the lake because I can actually see through the water. When you hear stories of alligators and alligator gar roaming the lake waters, you tend to want to stay close to safer shores. I let the little one's of the fam brave the wild waters. Oh and the huge float, well we are not friends. 2 years ago I decided to be a sport and ride on it with some of the little cousins. We were thrown off and I ended up with a broken chin. Had a ginormous bruise for a month. So I stay close to the pool.

This year we decided to bring Daisy and Bruiser for the first time. I could have brought Bruiser before because he's 6 lbs and no bother. But we were not going to torture ourselves and bring a Lab puppy. So we waited until this year since Daisy is now the ripe old age of 2 years old. I was very nervous because Daisy and Bruiser are not the only dogs at this reunion. D's cousin always brings his Basset Hound, Trixie and his aunt has Huey, the Scottish terrier. I always worry how dogs will react to each other for the first time.

Here is the Gang below minus Trixie. (Lord of the Manor Huey on the left, my little man Bruiser center, and our girl Daisy on the right).  They are a happy bunch. (Check out Bruiser's cowlick!)

Well everyone got along so well except for Trixie (hence her absence from the pic). Let's just say Trixie (a female) kept trying to prove to little Bruiser that she is a large and in charge woman. Poor thing, he just didn't know what to think of all of it. And Daisy just looked dazed and confused. It's as if she was saying, Can't we all just get along? I think Huey just expected it. He's been Trixie's victim in previous years. But once everyone settled down and found their corner, it was all good the rest of the week.

The biggest event of the week was Daisy discovering water. I mean she is a Lab which is a water dog, but we have never had a pool or taken her to a lake. So this was her first time. D was determined to teach her how to fetch a ball from the lake. Well, mission accomplished! It took all of 5 seconds and then we could not keep her out of the lake or the pool.

Here's our brave girl.
"Not too sure about this."
"Here goes nothin'!"
"Wooo Hooo!"
Look at that graceful form
"Yikes!  Water"
Always brings the ball to her Dad
I'm a very happy puppy

This picture tells the whole story.

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Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

I love this post. The ball retrieval pics are priceless.