Thursday, October 14, 2010

Crafty Project

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I have been inspired ya'll!  I am putting together my fav posts from fellow bloggers from this week for my new Frequently Friday's (I'll explain more in my post tomorrow).  But I came upon The Hand Me Down House and her post about recreating her Target bookshelves.  (Squeel!)  I absolutely love what she did and better yet I know I can do it too.

We move into the new house in 2 weeks and this is my first big project (after all the painting).  I am sooooo excited!  I know that one of my H-town people's has to have a jig saw I can borrow.  It's the perfect opportunity to prove to the Hubs how useful it is and that I to have it for Christmas.  Well maybe our January anniversary since I have already asked for a sewing machine for Christmas. 

Ok so give me about 2-3 months (Christmas is coming ya'll - I have some shopping and home made gifts to create) and I will post my before and after.  Yipee!  My friend Erin would be so proud of my craftiness.

Go check out HMD's post and tell her I sent ya!

The Hand Me Down House

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