Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election 2009

Can I just say, this election has gone on FOREVER! I, of course, did my civic duty this morning and voted. And I love to vote, I believe that if I do not I vote, I have no right to complain. This is my country and I want my voice heard (I'm sure that is such a shock to some of you).

Ok, with the civic lesson over...how long did everyone stand in line today? I was only there 45 minutes, which I think is awesome. But man, was there some major whinning going on around me (hmm, makes you reflect on the state of our country). I don't mind waiting and actually enjoyed getting to visit with my neighbors and meet new friends. I applaud you all who voted.

One last note: No matter who you may want to win the elections, please pray for those who win. My pastor gave a wonderful sermon on this exact subject on Sunday. Please listen, pray and do as God leads you: Go to this link http://www.truthcasting.com/TruthcastingPlayer.swf?channelID=100000009 and choose the sermon entitled, Citizen Christian from Nov 3.

Love you all and look forward to hearing about your experiences on Election Day 2009


Unknown said...

I love to vote, too! I had a blast this morning hanging out with all the grumpy people of Haughton.

TheFancyFritter said...

Hey Kelly! I just got back from voting! I stood in line for hour and half with a squirmy 6 month old and it was worth every minute of it! She did good though, I was happy! :) I'll have to write it in her baby book! LOL..

carol said...

Hi Kelly!
I just read Beth's blog for today and it is very encouraging. And with Chuck's message on Sunday morning, I am just trusting God...He is over all. He reigns.
I got to hang out with some grumpy people too, but also the loveliest great grandmother and a beautiful young mother of the cutest three-year old who hung in there so sweetly until his mother got to vote. He really never complained. We were there right at one hour and fifteen minutes total. There was really only one grumpy one...
God is the blessed controller of all things! Praise Him!