Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yellow Dog and Falcor

I need to introduce two very special individuals to everyone:

This is Daisy (Yellow Dog) (6 months old/40 pounds and climbing)

She has definately made life interesting. But she has a big brother, my maltese, Bruiser (Falcor - 4 yrs old/6 pounds):

But now he's not alone. It's Sweet Love

It's really hilarious!

Ok, there nicknames - Yellow Dog and Falcor (Neverending Story, come on all you 80's babies) - are courtesy of our friend Troy. Thanks Man.

But D loves to make fun of Bruiser, has since the day they met. D's favorite nickname for Bruiser is ferret. Do all husbands/boyfriends make fun of their wives/girlfriend's lap dogs? Yes, I am an owner of a lapdog and not afraid to proclaim it.

Since the introduction of Daisy into our lives I have become a Caesar Milan and Victoria Stillwell fanatic. I am all about calm, submissive sound aversion. Caesar and Victoria, you're my heros! Just one question, why is my dog insane?!

I'm sure I am not the only one frustrated with their puppy. But it's all worth it, they are the best.

Ok too much rambling. Talk to you later.


TheFancyFritter said...

Aww..they are adorable Kelly! :)

Unknown said...

I think Bruiser has long been insane! Miss you!