Monday, December 1, 2008

The Horror of Christmas Shopping

OK, the holiday shopping frustration has set in and I only have 3 gifts bought. I know, I sound ridiculous, but my recent experience has just put me in this mood. Let me elaborate…I decided to bring up the spirits in my office (they are so down ya’ll, it’s not even funny, pray for me) and decorate for Christmas. But company policy says we can only use battery operated Christmas tree lights. OK, no biggie, WRONG. I went to a few stores, hoping for a deal and they did not carry them. I thought that was fine, just looking for a deal, so I headed to Wally World. I mean Wally has everything, right? WRONG AGAIN. They have the miniature trees with all the trimmings and wreaths, but none of the battery operated lights that go with them. So I had to head up the street to the pricey Hobby store and get them.

I know, it sounds silly, but when you are shopping on your lunch hour in 3 inch heels, it’s quite frustrating.

OK, it’s off my chest and I feel better now, thanks for listening (reading). Let me know of your holiday shopping frustrations. Whine to me instead of everyone else, I’m sure they will all appreciate it. Happy shopping.

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Anonymous said...

And to top it all off, the batteries only lasted 3 hours!