Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Holy Week

As I have progressed through this week of remembrance and celebration I have become so aware of my complacency. I have been given so much throughout my life. Sure, I’ve experienced hard times: my parent’s losing their jobs and then our home, parent’s divorce, poverty (not really, but in my mind it was), my own job loss and now my husbands’. But you know, I’ve never suffered. Through all those hard times God provided and protected, I never wanted. He provided, just as he provided Jesus for my sins-for the world’s sins.

This week God’s provision was made so real to me as I traveled to rural New Mexico and Colorado for work. I visited two towns with a poverty I have never seen or experienced. You hear about it and you see it on the news, but until you walk in it, you do not know. I still don’t know how the people in this town feel or what their lives are like, but just to see it is life changing. I’ve been consumed lately with my plans. My plans that D should have a job now because it’s house-hunting season and we have to have a house by a certain time because the time to start a family (by my plans) is coming soon. Then I realized this week, I should glory in this moment God has given me. D and I have been supernaturally blessed with wonderful new friends here in Houston. Friendships I know are real and genuine and that came so quickly. Blessed to be a part of a church living the Word-genuinely and actively. I am blessed with a job I like and a boss I love, a job that provides for all our needs and more. God provides and I need to be satisfied and content in what he provides in this moment, not worrying about when my plans will come to fruition. Why would I want my plans when his are so much more awesome? It makes me laugh at myself.

The devotion listed below spoke volumes to me, made me appreciate my Savior and my God. Take a look and let me know your thoughts in the comments. I hope it brings you blessings.

Happy Easter!

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