Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Love of Dogs

I love my dogs. They have brought Don and I great companionship and laughter. They calm you when everything seems to be falling apart and they always know when to cuddle up with you because your sick. But I never understood shedding until I had a lab. A whole lotta shedding. I think my sofa, which used to be brown, is now a very stylish shag blond. Not to mention that I have to empty the vacuum cleaner three times before I finish the living room (ONE ROOM!). Oh and then it's so fun when they get sick. Like this week when Bruiser, the Maltese, comes and wipes his lovely stinking ear infection all over me. Yeah, that's how I found out he had one. I guess he got tired of dragging his ear on the floor so he figured I would notice the infection if he put it all over me. Aww, the joy of "motherhood."

If I have one more person tell me how owning a dog will have me prepared for real parenthood, I think I may scream. Because how many children will pull my gutters off my home just to have fun. Daisy the Lab, thinks it's the funniest thing in the world and she's so proud when she lays the gutter at your feet on the porch. Shock and Awe are not adequate to describe my feelings at that moment.

So, I love my animals, (really, I do) but I don't think I want anymore after these go to be with their Creator (well, maybe if their cute, I might consider it). And Creator, thanks for the many memories.

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TheFancyFritter said...

Haha! I loved this post Kelly b/c I feel like it was me writing! LOL I love our dogs but they are starting to stress me have made the exact same statement about them meeting their "Creator"...LOL