Monday, June 8, 2009

To Love the Unsaved

Wow, I stumbled upon this verse today and it just spoke to me:

I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which God has called you. Ephesians 1:18, 19

I was saved at the age of 14. Now, I've had my ups and downs, like most of us; but through it all I always knew my Heavenly Father was with me. I may have been defiant at times, but deep down I wanted to and still do want to please him. So that's why, since 14, I've always struggled with the fact that some of my family members are not saved. Sometimes I feel like I've failed in part of my purpose because I haven't just come right out and had "the talk" with these people concerning their salvation. Part of it is fear and part of it is frustration with them. But I have to say, it's given me a heart for the lost to see my family member's struggles. Now don't get me wrong, these people are wonderful and sweet. They pray and believe there is a God, but they haven't surrendered themself to him through his Son (anyone else know what I'm talking about?). But they have given me insight into the lost of this world. Everyone wants to be acknowledged or loved or admired or made to feel special. So they spend their entire lives climbing a corporate ladder, or climbing the social ladder, or buying the big house so they feel a sense of accomplishment (even though they really can't afford the house, the cars, the boat, the 4 wheeler, the spa, the clothes, etc). The sad part is that they feel great when they have these things but when they go away - all of a sudden, "why would a loving God do this to me?" They can never see their role in it all, pursuing a life they were never meant to have and that is so much less than the life God had in store for them.

The other part, is the difficulty in talking to family members from another generation. I mean, they are the one's to teach you, so it's a big slap in the face to some if you try to tell them about Jesus. They take it as if you are telling them they are a bad person. Let me just say this right now, I never have and never will believe that the unsaved are "bad people." They are lost, not bad. Now they may do bad things, but so do Christians. The difference is that Christians have a heavenly Father to run to when they realize the mess they have made of things. Believers still have to face the consequences of their actions, but they have the joy of knowing that they are forgiven - maybe not by anyone on earth, but they are by the One who matters-God. Unbelievers have no hope.

So anyway, it's tough to talk to unsaved family members about their salvation. That's why this verse just touched me today. It says everything I want those people to know: I love you and I pray and yearn for you to have the hope that God wants to give you. Embrace the full life of purpose and joy he has for you. Give your disappointments, hurts, fears, and disillusionments to him - that 's what he wants.

Anyone else struggling with this issue? Let's support each other. Have you faced this trial and overcome? What was the result?

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