Friday, September 18, 2009

B-I-G Announcement, Big Changes

Well, as I'm sure you've noticed, my posting has been rather sparse the last two weeks. There is a reason for that...We are MOVING to HOUSTON, TX! Yeah, that's right, out of the blue! Here's the story:

If you've read this blog anytime, you know that 2 weeks before Christmas of 2008 I was told by my boss that my entire department and I were being laid off. Our last day of work was 1/30/09. So during those two months I was posting my resume like crazy. I ended taking a job in town with a physician practice.

I was at my new job about 2 months when I realized that this would not work out. It was not the job I was told I was being hired for and many other reasons. But I did not look for another job, I just tried to stay optimistic. I knew when God was ready for me to move on he would provide the opportunity. And I prayed that constantly. About 2 weeks after I started praying for God to present an opportunity, I was contacted by my (now) new boss, Leanne.

I received an email from her saying she was not a solicitor (ha!) and that she'd found my resume on my professional organization's website. I wasn't sure about responding, so I called my boss from my previous job. He had worked with the company recruiting me and I wanted his insight. He was very encouraging and complimentary of the organization. So I decided, Why not? I responded back and then immediately sent a big Thanks up to God.

Leanne and I emailed and talked on the phone for about 2 weeks, then she set up a web cam interview with her and another individual at the company. It went so well. But I didn't hear from Leanne for like a week after the interview. The waiting was so hard. Then I got an email from her asking if we'd be willing to move to Albuquerque.

WHAT?! ALBUQUERQUE?! That, of course, was my first response (as well as the Hubby). But after we prayed and thought about it, we decided that if that is where God wants us to go, we'll go. For about 3 weeks we were set to head out to New Mexico. Then Leanne and I met in person in Lafayette for another interview. She said she really wanted me in Houston, but that job would not be hiring for about 2-4 months. Yikes! I decided I wanted to wait for the better position in Houston (plus I really did not want to move to Albuquerque). Then I came back home and started the waiting game. Boy was that hard! I was so frustrated with things going on at work, but I knew if I was just patient God would put me in the right place.

Just about the time (about 2 weeks) I resigned myself to the fact that I would not be hearing back from Leanne for a few months she emailed me and asked me to come to Houston for a last interview. WooHoo! I was so excited. They flew me down to Houston and had a Town Car and driver waiting to pick me up. It was so cool.

The interview was awesome! Everyone was so nice and it is the exact environment I've dreamed of working in. Better yet - Leanne brought me to her neighborhood and house to check out the area and then to lunch. I felt so wanted. I've never had an organization recruit me so hard. She offered me the job that day. And not only did God provide a new opportunity, he provided a better paying one. And they are giving us a huge allowance that will cover our moving expenses. It is almost unbelievable.

But that's not the best part - here is how God really showed us he would take care of everything.

So of course, I was excited about moving, but I only had 4 1/2 weeks to sell our home, find a home in Houston, buy it, and move (plus Hubby has to find a job). I was just a little freaked out. I started having nightmares with me living in a run down apartment in Houston and Hubby staying in Shreveport until he found a job. But God is sooooo good. One week after we put our house up for sale it sold to a sweet couple in our Sunday School class. And it sold for the exact amount of money we need to get into a house in Houston.

So, Hubby and I are heading down to Houston to find our house. There is still so much left to happen before we move. And, as I have learned this week, the new home loan regulations make it very difficult to close in our time frame. Our loan officer told us it's possible, but we'd better have a Plan B. Right now we are looking at closing on both houses on the Friday before I start work. Moving the next day. Putting the house together the next. And then I start work. It will be a whirlwind. But I don't care, I am sooo excited! Hubby is diligently looking for a job, so please pray for that. But I know God will provide because he has all along the way.

So, it's scary, fun, and exciting - but so worth it.

And that's why I have not written lately. Hubby gave his notice today, so we couldn't take the chance someone from work would find out. It was killing me! There was so much I wanted to tell you guys. But there it is and the saga continues Monday, I'll tell you all about the House Hunting Trip.

Have a great weekend!


RebeccaStinson said...

I had chills reading your post. I am so happy for yall! We are going to miss seeing yall at parties but you better keep up your blog because I'll be reading it! Congratulations on the opportunity and new experience. I'll be praying for yall!!

TheFancyFritter said...

How exciting & I'm so happy for you! Houston is really neat and I enjoy it everytime we go to visit! I know Lindsay will be excited to have some family there too! :) I hope the house hunting goes well! :)

Kendal said...

Wow Kelly, God has been so faithful and I know he will continue to be. We are going to miss you guys but We are so excited about the amazing journey ahead of you both. You will be in our prayers!

Lindsey said...

yay Kelly! I know y'all are so excited to move. What a great opportunity for the Echols Fam!