Tuesday, September 22, 2009

On the Road Again

What a weekend! Don and I traveled to Houston on Friday to find our house. We spent all weekend looking and saw nothing we liked. Then, at the end of the day on Sunday we finally found one. We wrote a contract at 7pm and got back on the road home. We drove into our garage at 11pm and went to work the next day. We were sooooooo tired yesterday, but excited because we were waiting to hear if our contract was accepted. We fully expected it to be. But then we got the call late last night that it was not and the owner was not willing to negotiate.

Yeah, I had a fit. I was, again, left with nowhere to live and I start work on 10/12. So Don, Mom and I decided to hit the road again today, go back to Houston and find the house. We are using a realtor who is Don's fraternity bro and I can tell he's more familiar with the market than our previous realtor. So I am very optimistic.

Pray for us! We are driving in the rain right now. And we will not leave Houston until we find our house!


Kendal said...

I know God will lead you to your perfect home! Just be patient and don't settle. He's allowed everything else to be perfect do this will be too! All our prayers

Lindsey said...

You will get the house you are supposed to have..it will be BETTER than the 1st one!

TheFancyFritter said...

Hope everything goes ok! I'm sure you're momma will whip those realtors into shape! :) Can't wait to hear what you found!