Tuesday, September 29, 2009

House Hunting in Houston

What a week it has been! I never thought finding a home in Houston would be so hard and exhausting.

Don and I thought we'd found a home last Sunday - after a 48 hour marathon of looking in Houston. We put an offer in Sunday night late and drove all the way back to Shreveport. Unfortunately, late Monday night we found out it would not work out. So Tuesday morning we headed back to Houston. Thank goodness for great friends! We stayed with Don's sweet fraternity bro and his beautiful wife - and their brand new baby.

My mom - the real estate agent - came along and we began looking again. Another one of Don's fraternity brother's hooked us up with our wonderful realtors. They're a husband and wife team - Tony and Charlsey. Charlsey took us all over Houston Wednesday, but on Wednesday evening we wrote a contract on a new construction with her. But you could tell she, Tony and my mom were not crazy about the house. I was so determined I just did not realize. Plus, Don and I were so completely exhausted - it was 10pm when we wrote the contract. We gave the builder a huge deposit and went back to our friend's house and passed out.

I woke up with my sweet husband sitting on the edge of my bed. He said he knew we'd made a mistake and wanted to get out of the contract. After about an hour of crying and talking I agreed. My husband was awesome! He got us out of our contract and got our money returned. Then, he found us a great lease house.

I was determined not to sign a one year lease - I was kinda a baby about it. But again it worked out. The home we really want agreed to a 6 month lease and we passed the credit check. So now we are waiting on our phone interview with the landlord. If she likes us we finally have a home in Houston.

We just decided to lease and take our time looking, instead of rushing things and buying something we really were not excited about. It took a while for that wisdom to penetrate my hard head, but I'm finally excited and ready to go.

Yesterday was my last day at work so now I can focus on getting the house packed and get going. I am going to miss Shreveport and all our friends but I feel God has a real adventure in store for us - and I. am. ready.

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Lindsey said...

Glad you didn't rush into anything. When is the going away party??