Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baby Field Day 2010

Ok, I know what you are thinking, “What?  Baby Field Day?”  Yes.  It is apparently a tradition in our Sunday school class.  Since so many of us are having babies, the Hubs and I excluded, we through this event instead of a million separate baby showers. 

We all met up at Memorial Park’s Picnic Area and had a blast.  The weather was perfect.  It wasn’t humid yet and felt like an awesome Spring day.  We celebrated the birth of 4 sweet babies and played fun goofy games in the park.  There was the Baby Diaper/Stroller Relay, Toss the Baby (Egg), and Water balloon Volleyball. 

232323232fp_96_nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=3364_56949335nu0mrj 232323232fp998_nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=3364_56945335nu0mrj 232323232fp_8__nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=3364_58373335nu0mrj That’s me in the purple shirt.  Mr. Frog was our baby and we were supposed to put a diaper on him and get him in the stroller.  So that’s the ladies effort.  Here are the guys.


232323232fp99;_nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=3364_58385335nu0mrj There’s my man trying his hand at it.  I guess he did alright considering the guys won.  Can you believe it?

But I guess it makes sense, I mean, look at these awesome dads.

232323232fp_93_nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=3364_66_34335nu0mrj 232323232fp9_2_nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=3364_57;_4335nu0mrj 232323232fp_8__nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=3364_66_36335nu0mrj And here is our fearless hostess, Super Mom


It is so nice to be a part of a group of people who care so much about each other.  Our Sunday school class and small group have been the biggest blessing to us.  We love these people.


Lindsey said...

That looked like fun! How do you get the pics smaller and with frames and 2 next to each other?

Never Enough Food said...

We love y'all too :)