Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to….Elizabeth!

The last few weeks have been so fun for D and I.  We do not have little ones yet, but we get to enjoy our friends kids and love it!  In the last few weeks we have attended 3 baby birthdays.  I was not able to attend sweet Everett’s First Birthday – but I hear it was a blast.  Lot’s of little monkey’s playing till they dropped.  But I was able to attend Elizabeth Grace’s First Birthday and lucky for me, the Hubs was asked to be the Party Pics guy.  He had a blast.  Here is our pictorial documentary of this fun event. 

  Starting with the details…can you tell this was a little girl’s party?  Lots o’ pink.  Here are the delicious cupcakes.  Several of the Mom’s in the class got together to help Elizabeth’s Mom, Sarah, bake and decorate these.  So awesome!232323232fp9;2_nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=3367_37764335nu0mrj Of course there had to be pink lemonade.232323232fp_96_nu=3367___3_9;9_2458__3___244ot1lsi

Here are some shots of Elizabeth’s grandparent’s sweet backyard.  Yes, this is a backyard.  Isn’t it awesome!?


Here’s the Tator Tot Gang.  These little one’s will soon be keeping up with our class toddlers, but for today, they were content to just chill by the pool. 


Could life get any better?


Here’s some shots of the kids enjoying the several baby pools set up all over the rest of this enormous yard.  I was so jealous of that backyard.  It was like having your own private park.



Pure baby joy!


Who do you think is having more fun, the kids or the Dad’s?  Hmmmm?

232323232fp9_2_nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=3367_2__62335nu0mrjHere’s the Birthday Girl chillin in the big pool.   232323232fp_83_nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=3367_3434_335nu0mrj

This is precious Jemma, a model in the making.  As soon as the hubs put the camera on her, she started posing.  I’m not lying, it was hilarious!


But, if you were that beautiful, wouldn’t you be all smiles?


Here’s the newest addition to our class(at the time, Kellen just beat him last week), Little Man Jake.  He’s content to just stay with Mom, thank you very much.


Here are some examples of the awesome parents in our class.  D and I are learning so much. 

Here’s Tif and her little men.  Dad had to work that morning, so Tif bravely came by herself with these two.  But she knew we would all help her keep an eye on them.  Another reason why we love our class.


Perfection! 232323232fp9_;_nu=3367___3_989_2458__3_7_244ot1lsi

Can you tell Aubrey loves her Daddy….sweetness.


And the grand finale of the afternoon…the birthday girl enjoying her cupcake.

232323232fp9_7_nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=3367_25938335nu0mrj232323232fp9_6_nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=33679;9_;4335nu0mrj232323232fp_93_nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=33679;9_5_335nu0mrj232323232fp996_nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=33679;9_9_335nu0mrj232323232fp_97_nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=33679;9_52335nu0mrj 232323232fp997_nu=3367_958__;5_2458958;_6244ot1lsi 232323232fp_94_nu=3367___3_8_5_2458__39;6244ot1lsi232323232fp_79_nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=33679;8236335nu0mrj  Cupcake Happiness!

Thank you to all the parents who let us enjoy their children, they just made our day.

Next post is Big Man Trey’s 2nd Birthday.  Get ready for some Cars (Mator and Lightening McQueen may have made an appearance). 

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TheFancyFritter said...

How fun! That back yard is amazing! I'm so glad ya'll have much such great & fun friends! :-)