Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lightening McQueen, Toddlers, and Cake

Oh yes ma'am Little Trey's 2nd Birthday party was a PARTAY!  What could be better than 100 degrees, 100% humidity, HEB Cars Cupcakes, and birthday boy?  Nothing.  We had a blast at the Hearn's celebrating Trey's big day.  It was such a big day that Trey had 2 cakes.

Trey is actually John III which is where Trey comes into play.  His grandmother's housekeeper could not remember how to spell Trey so she went with John.  What a cute cake and a lucky boy!

The highlight of the afternoon for the kiddos was the pinata.  A Lightening McQueen pinata!  Here's sweet Aubry giving it her best.  And Everett trying to out do Aubrey.  Precious!

This was one of the funniest moments of the day.  Everytime a child would swing all the adults would scatter, scared they might get hit instead.  But the kids really enjoyed it.  But no one was able to actually break the pinata, so John (Trey's dad) took care of that and Cars bouncy balls went everywhere.  What a prize!

Soon it was naptime and most everyone left to put the little ones down for a well-deserved rest.  So we hung around and watched Trey open his gifts.  As you can see, Mom, was very excited about his first gift.  A handmade crayon tote from Erin. I absolutely loved it and freaked out with Mom.  I want to be a Crafty Diva like Erin.  She is my inspiration.

Then Trey opened our gifts.  Let me just tell you, D and I had such a great time shopping for his gift.  D is like a kid in a candy store when we go to Toys R Us or any toy store.  He runs straight for the GI Joe, XMen, Star Wars dolls action figures.  It is a priceless sight, I cannot wait until we have some little ones for him to play with.  Do any of your husbands freak out over toys?  Anyway, we bought Trey this awesome Cars board book with a sound board (yes we are those people who buy the noisy gifts).  I think he liked it, what do you think?

But the finale was the Cars Bowling Set.  Yes, score! He loved it, but he didn't quite understand the bowling concept.  Instead of rolling the ball he chunked it.  Well, whatever works.  I just love to see babies happy.

After Trey had his nap, the Hearn's extended family came over to celebrate the day.  We ended the festivities with an awesome family pic.  What a sweet family!

Happy Birthday Trey!

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Erin said...

i especially love this last pic - it's a framer for sure!

hurry and get your machine and we can be sewing divas together! :)