Monday, June 21, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

We are the proud parents of two adorable and wonderful dogs – Bruiser the 7 year old, 6 pound Maltese and Daisy the 2 year old, 75 pound yellow Lab.  D and I love these animals so much.  We’re not so into our dogs that we dress them up and humiliate them, but we do talk to them and do just about anything to make sure they are content. 

Well, as you fellow dog owners will attest, there are some not so pleasant aspects of being a dog parent. Obviously, the poop.  Yeah, not fun.  The “I ate too much too fast” barf.  Sooooo not fun.  And the dragging of the butt across the floor in front of your house guests.  Not cool. 

There are a few special things Daisy does particularly that are just unique to her and drive me crazy. 

Exhibit 1.  Shedding. Everywhere. Constantly.

IMG_1313r (3)If you have not figured it out…that’s a hairball on my floor!  And yes, we vacuumed just two days prior.  You should see my clothes people.  I am mistaken for a blonde Wookie on a regular basis.  The shedding, oh, the shedding!

Exhibit 2.  Tissue Eating.

So Daisy has this terrible habit of eating tissue.  In the morning when I put on my make up I use tissue to catch any loose powder.  Daisy stalks me and as soon as she thinks she has a chance she’ll stealthily (is that a word) but quickly grab the tissue, run as fast as she can into the front room (where she thinks we can’t see her), and eat the tissue.  Weird.  Well, a few days ago I walk into my bedroom and notice my tissue box on my bedside table.  Something was strange about it.  Can you guess?  IMG_1306r (3)

This was the culprit when confronted with her weirdness.

IMG_1312r (3)Tissue, Mom?  I don’t know anything about tissue…maybe Bruiser ate it.  Yeah it was Bruiser. Love me, I love you.

232323232fp5344__nu=32;7_479_6_2_WSNRCG=32388268;6468nu0mrj What, are you blaming me again?  Don’t even think about it, Kid.  I mean really, I can barely reach Mom’s knees.

Yeah, they have a very Odie and Garfield relationship.  Except my Garfield is a dog. 

Do your pets do anything funny or weird?  Please say yes, because I really can’t afford a Pet Therapist (yes, that is a real occupation and idiots people actually spend thousands of dollars on this).

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