Thursday, August 13, 2009

Long Time No See

The coolest thing happened this week on Facebook. My best friend from when I was 6 found me on it. It was awesome. We were buds. Her name is Kelley too and she lived in the house behind mine. We'd climb our chain link fence about a dozen times a day to play. We spent a lot of time in our saaaweeet above ground pool. We'd listen to Bruce Springsteen and play with all her Care Bears. She had about a million of them and most of their little friends. Her mom made the most incredible Monkey Bread. Good times.

Then, Kelley's family moved back to Georgia, where they were from and I was a very sad little Cajun. Shortly after they moved I was able to visit her in Georgia for about a week and then that was the last time I saw her. I've tried for years to find her and her family, but never could. But I have thought of her so many times over the years. Times like the prom and graduation and my wedding. I always felt she should have been at those events and I wondered what they were like for her. She was the funniest and the best. And now we found each other! WooHoo! Facebook you rule!

Anyone else found some long lost friend or relative on Facebook or other social networking site? What was it like?


RebeccaStinson said...

I have found TONS of old high school and childhood friends. I used to live in FL when I was 8 for like a year or so and made two best friends. We have tried to keep up with each other over the years but it has been difficult. One girl I have not spoken to since high school. We are all now facebook friends. We don't chat often but I look at their pics and just check on them. It is really a great site!

SasparillaSasquatch said...

One time this girl that had dumped me years before (for no good reason) messaged me on MySpace out of the blue. Then I married her...