Tuesday, August 25, 2009

To Bang or Not to Bang

So I decided I needed to get a haircut. Nothing drastic just a little style. About a year ago I went for it and cut my hair into a short bob (see photo below).
This is my 2008 Birthday and yes, my mother in law gave me that book. I love her sense of humor.

I had about a million "That is such a cute haircut, who did that?" comments after the cut. I loved it, but it took some work every morning. And I could never pull it into a french twist or pony tail on those mornings I just didn't want to mess with it. So I grew it out.

Once grown out I had this mop of hair that just hung in my face (see before pic below).

So I thought I'd go just about an inch shorter and put on some bangs (see after pic, along with extra chin).

What was I thinking? I asked Don what he thought and after some Umm's and Well's, he told me he liked it better before. He said, I look like a thirty year old with the bangs, but I didn't before. Thanks Sasparilla (that's his blog name - SasparillaSasquatch - check it out as soon as he actually posts, encourage him to post, he's terribly loquacious). It's not his fault, I asked. So now, it's back to the growing out. But what do I do about the flopping in the face? I hate it. I usually end up with my hair tucked behind my ears at the end of the day. It doesn't make for a professional or managerial look. I end up looking like the teenage intern. Talk about getting some respect.

So tell me about your hair disasters, even post some pics (hey I showed you mine, now show me yours). I'm gonna try the Mr. McLinky thing I'm seeing on everyone else's blog. And since I love all 9 of you, but you're 9, tell a friend. If you tell a friend and you tell a friend and you tell a friend...you get the point. Let's laugh about our hair mistakes together (and make Grumpy Pants feel better, that's the real point). Anyway, there ya go. My hair. At lease I can pull it into a twist and it looks good.

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Liz Harrell said...

Aw... I kind of like the bangs. But a friend of mine is growing hers out and pulls them back into a little poof with hair pins. I'm not really describing it very well, but it looks cute on her.