Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Low Ridin and Partay

Well, tonight I'm sitting on the couch - blogging - watching Ghostbusters and watching my husband wrestle the lab on the floor. Ahhh, bliss. Well, it's bliss after my day. I won't bore you with all the mishaps, but I'll tell you how I ended up low riding today, ya know - rolling with the homies.

Anyway...on my way to work I made a swing by the post office. While I pressed the button to lower my drivers side window I heard a loud grinding sound. Then, my window stopped. So of course I freaked out and started pounding the button. The window went all the way down and then stuck. It stuck! Well, considering that we have to cut into the tile wall in the bathroom to in order to be able to turn on the hot water again, this was one expense I did not need. Does anyone hear me out there? I hear these things come in threes - what next? So, in order to keep my hair looking nice and work weary, I lowered my car seat back and leaned to the right. Oh yeah...I think the teenagers in the car next to me were all like, "What's with the old lady? Man everyone tries to copy us. "

So, I know I ran on about that, but dang it - it is rare that in the summer in Louisiana that my hair is straight, poof less, and shiny. I was willing to try anything in order to save my 25 min to do hair do. I know there are lots of women who understand me.

Finally, I need some ideas. The hubs and I are throwing a Honey Do shower for our friends, Troy and Hannah. Anyone ever put one together? What kind of food did you serve? Did you have little favors for the guests? How did you decorate? What was your theme? Yeah, I need help and the party is the 22nd. Like I need one more thing. But these are awesome people and I want them to have a great time. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Ok, Dana just started floating over her bed and Vankman is all confused, so I'm gonna go and enjoy some awesome Eightiesness (yeah, I just made it up, so what?)

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TheFancyFritter said...

Awe! I hate that about your window! I hope you get it fixed soon! I know inconvient things seem to happen all the time with us too! When I was in Houston, a big branch from one of the trees in our yard fell and smashed my windshield of my Protege and that was our 2nd now we have to wait until we can pay for a new windshield in order to drive it again..grr...LOL

About the shower! How fun! I love showers! I'm in the middle of planning 4 different baby showers! lol You could do Spinach Roll-ups, Pigs in the Blanket, Sausage Balls, Any types of sandwiches are good...I've also heard of doing a Potato Bar..You bake all the potatoes and then have tons of different things to top them with! Just some ideas...Email me if you need some recipes! :)