Thursday, August 27, 2009

The New Look

Look at my new blog! Isn't it pretty? I'm so excited! A few weeks ago I won a blog redesign by

She was awesome! She worked with me so patiently even though I kept changing my mind and asking silly questions. But the result is awesome I think. I really wanted her to incorporate Fleur de lis because it represents two big parts of me: My french heritage and the Trinity/Cross. I also love my rotating header. 5 pics and 5 scriptures will rotate, so each time you come to the site you will get a new one. Sweet!
You will also notice my top bar options. Let me explain them a little. Love Story is the story of how my husband and I met, and met, and met and then finally fell in love. Recipes is my recipe blog. I will be posting my recipes, but I'd love to have some guest bloggers post their own. So please go to the Contact section, email me with the subject as GrumpyPants' Recipes. You can put your post right in the email and I will post it for you on my page. I really want this to work because I know that myself and my girlfriends are always looking for recipes. I think the other sections are pretty self explanatory.
Go check out Simply Delightful Designs! She is incredibly creative, great and easy to work with, and has awesome prices.
Thanks Simply Delightful Designs!


TheFancyFritter said...

Hey Kelly! I LOVE your new blog look! I actually saw it yesterday, but didn't comment, so I"m glad you wrote a blog about it! I love that girls stuff & I'm saving up to put more into my blog & business! I'm actually saving up to do the Highland Jazz & Blues Fest in Nov. so hopefully if I make a good amount there I can look into her! I love how you can do rotating pictures and scriptures!

RebeccaStinson said...

Love the new look. But I didn't see anything under Love Story and Recipes?? Am I missing something?

Lindsey said...

Kelly! I love it. I want one so bad, but can't pay for one!..The hubby said NO to that one!